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The characteristics of life is relatively long, upgrade products have good heat preservation performance, good sealing effect, good wind resistance performance, firm structure, theft protection, low noise, space saving, simple operation, safety, etc..


Double color plate by high pressure foaming polyurethane material filled with hand clamping prevention or concave convex slot door interface design, the door body can be transparent windows, ventilation window or walkway door opened.


Hardware accessories by hot dip galvanized steel sheet (strip) stamping or roll in the firm, delicate and beautiful in appearance, making accurate size, good interchangeability, the surface can be spray processing, color variety, durable. The door body weight balance by the torque force of the torsion spring, convenient to manually open the door body, reduce the motor load, prolongs the service life of the motor control system, the bottom part of the door body with EPDM sealing strip, sides, top with galvanized steel buckle strips with rubber sealing strip, door plank middle connecting point by using strip sealing strip or concave convex type sealing strip, sealing strip with antifreeze, moisture-proof, anti water seepage performance.

Ventilation window, a perspective window: perspective window is made of aluminum alloy and rubber strip to make the borders, the door body can be additional door, door frame and a buckle edge using special aluminum alloy profile and specifications are usually for: special circumstances can be through the addition of external door stiffener, to meet the wind door,


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